What to do after the hard callus is removed?

After a callus or that hard thick cracked skin around the heel has been removed, what is next? If the skin is dry, then the use of a cream is often advised. The research has shown that those with dry skin conditions that the amount of urea that is in the skin is substantially reduced, so it is probably is important to use a cream that can replace that missing urea.

The urea based creams come in several different strengths that have different effects. A strength of around 40% should be left to the professionals and can be used to dissolve some of the damaged tissues in those with a nail dystrophy. A strength of around 25% is more helpful in those with some dry skin that needs to be removed as well as moisturize the skin. A strength of around 15% is used more to just moisture the skin and there is no flaky dry skin that needs removing. Some brands only come in one strength and others (eg the Walker’s foot cream) are available in several different strengths, so you may need to shop around to get the right one for you.

As with any foot cream you have to use it. There is no point in buying a good urea cream and not use it. You should use it 2-3 times a day to start with and reduce that to daily once the skin condition improves.

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