How to quickly get rid of chilblains?

Chilblains are a relatively common problem of the toes and feet in the colder climates. They are an inflammatory reaction to waste products that build up in the skin when the small blood vessels do not respond to changes in temperature after they are cold.

The inflammation results in a reddish blue lesion on the skin that can be itchy and painful. The natural history of a chilblain is to get better on its own relatively quickly, but more often than not another chilblains occurs the next day leading to what appears to be a chronic problem.

How can you quickly get rid of chilblains? Prevention is the key. The real problem in the cause of chilblains is warming the feet too quickly after they have become cold, so if your feet do become cold, make sure they warm up slowly. This means not putting the feet in from of a heater or something like that. Even better, do not let the feet become cold. Wear warm socks and shoes that keep the feet warm and do not get cold. Cashmere wool socks are the best of this.

If you have a chilblain, still do those preventative measures. Also use a good chilblain cream to rub into the chilblains and the surrounding area to stimulate the blood circulation and get rid of the waste products that have built up. Keep apply the cream 1 to 2 times a day, but also spend some time gently rubbing in the cream as that massage action will also be effective at stimulating the circulation.

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