Rigid plate for hallux rigidus

Hallux rigidus is a rigid or stiffening of the big toe joint. It is almost always painful and almost always associated with osteoarthritis of that joint. The main cause of this is trauma to the joint or a history of ‘wear and tear’ on the joint over many years. The main symptom of hallux rigidus is pain in the joint with walking. As the heel comes off the ground when we are walking, the big toe (hallux) joint starts to more and as it moves, there is pain. One thing that many people with painful hallux rigidus notice is that the joint is not as painful if they are wearing stiffer or more rigid shoes. This is becasue in those types of shoes, the big toe joint does not have to move so much, making it less painful. This is why the rigid carbon plates for hallux rigidus work so well. These carbon fiber plates go in the shoe and make the shoe much more rigid.

If you have a hallux rigidus or a painful big toe joint that feels better in more rigid shoes, then it may be worth considering these hallux rigidus insoles. The research evidence on their effective is positive and shows that they do work.

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