Archies Footwear for arch support

The Archie arch supporting footwear was originally developed by a physiotherapist in Australia and are now starting to be distributed worldwide. They were widely sold in podiatry clinics in Australia and grew from there. The amount of arch support built into these flip flops (they call them ‘thongs’ in Australia) is similar to what you would get the the over-the-counter foot orthotics. Almost everyone who trys on a pair buys them – they are that comfortable.

The Archies can be used for wider feet which make them useful as they are not constricting or restricting the foot like closed in shoes would. They are available as the Archies kids and go all the way up to size 15! A number of clinicians like them as they Archies can be modified by adding things like metatarsal pads to improve toe function and wedges to change foot alignment.

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