How to permanently get rid of corns on toes?

Those who have corns on the toes are always looking for ways to get rid of them. The most important step for permanently get rid of corns on your feet is to understand exactly what corns are. There are lots of misunderstandings on just what corns are and that drives so much misinformation about them.

Corns are smaller discrete areas of thickened skin that tend to have a deeper core to them. A callus is a more spread out diffuse area of thickened skin, so corns and calluses are part of the same processes, just with different outcomes. The cause of these areas of thickened skin is too much pressure over a longer period of time. As the pressure on the foot or toe continues the skin keeps on getting thicker to protect itself. This is a normal and natural process and how the skin on our bodies protects itself. The problem is that the skin keeps on getting thicker in response to that pressure, that it gets so thick that it then becomes painful. For a corn that pressure is just more focused on a smaller area.

The reason for that higher pressure could be any number of reasons. The shoes may be tight. There may be a hammer toe or a bunion. There could be a bone that is out of alignment. There could be any number of factors that can cause too much pressure on one particular part of the foot compared to another. This is the cause of corns and calluses. There are no other causes. It is all about the amount of pressure.

If you want to permanently get rid of a corn you have to get rid of that pressure that is causing it. Just removing a corn or using a corn removal pad or getting a podiatrist to debride a corn will not permanently get rid of it. Those approaches may give you some relief for a period of time from weeks to months, but if the cause is still there, it is going to come back. Corns do not have roots that they grow back from. They do not grow back because the podiatrist did not take out the root when they debride it. The corn came back as the pressure that caused it is still there.

There are a number of approaches that need to be used to reduce that high pressure on an area that is causing the corn. The approach will depend on just what the cause is. You will probably need to discuss this with a podiatrist. If the shoes are too tight, then they are going to need to be changed. If there is a hammer toe, then that is going to need to be fixed. if there is a bunion, then that too is going to need to be fixed or padding used to protect it. There are a number of different strategies that are going to need to be used depending on what the cause is. The number one approach to getting rid of a corn permanently is understanding just what is causing it.

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